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We are making Cincinnati a thriving data science community.

Note: Meetups are currently postponed due to venue changes. Stay tuned for announcement of a new venue soon. 

If you live in the Cincinnati area or plan on visiting soon, you can join us every month. We meet with the goal of elevating our data science skills, advancing in the data profession, and making meaningful professional connections. 


When we get together, we discuss the latest news and trends in data science and offer tips for improving our data science skills. Then we introduce ourselves, state goals, discuss our progress on our goals, and talk about how we can maximize our time for the month ahead. Then we socialize and network.

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we service two

regions in cincinnati


Each month we have a 4-step agenda

  1. discuss our progress

2. get input from other data scientists in our challenges​

3. commit to having something done by the next meeting

4. network

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your host

Kurt Schuepfer, ph.D.

From having earned university degrees in business, statistics, social sciences, and computer science, Dr. Kurt Schuepfer is a true unicorn data scientist. He earned his Ph.D. in 2016 and is now conducting machine learning fulltime with Macy's as Data Scientist, and partnering with Microsoft to develop AI chatbot technology. 

He also taught at Miami University for 2 years, has consulted and tutored over 300+ hours in data science online, earned 5/5 ratings on Wyzant, and has taught data science to everyone from college beginners to Harvard PhD students. He is passionate about data science and accelerating its growth. 

how to get started? 

reach out to us to discuss how you can get  started with accelerate.

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