career mentoring from a data scientist coach

Perfect if you:

  • Need a push in the right direction

  • Want a step-by-step, 'how-to-succeed-in-data-science' plan

  • Need advice transitioning from one career into data science

  • Are starting out and need professional guidance

What you get

Ongoing coaching support

You get professional guidance — in the form of web meetings or emails. Web meetings on Skype allow both parties to talk and see each other.

Your coach will provide you with practical assignments, hold you accountable, and provide ongoing support and guidance. 

Web meeting recordings

Your consultation sessions are recorded for you to download and re-watch as many times as you want. 

How it works

1. submit an intake form

Tell us about what you are working on and where specifically you need assistance. 

2. Get on a phone call

We will review your request and be in touch within a business day to set up an initial phone call with your coach. There is no charge for this first call. Its purpose is to establish a connection to see if you'd like to continue services.

3. get started

Once we’ve identified which coach best suits your needs, you will pay for a time retainer to use within one year. 

Coaching is typically done remotely via web meeting. If you have a request to meet in person and reside in Cincinnati, please note this in your in-take form, and we'll assess whether we can accommodate (it is possible, though a travel reimbursement would be required). 


Hourly training and consulting is billable in 15-minute increments. Besides the initial intake session, any time a consultant spends communicating with you will be billable. 

The time retainer can be charged to a credit card or PayPal with our secure shopping cart. It is also possible to pay by cash, Venmo, or check. 

The following time retainers are available for purchase:

1 hour


4 hours


10 hours


24 hours


your coaches

Each member of the Accelerate Data Science Services team is thoroughly screened to ensure the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, and service.

Dr. Kurt Schuepfer

Dr. Kurt knows the data science career path best. In fact, he successfully re-routed his path during graduate school to focus on data science. Because of this, he knows first-hand how to transition into data science and land that job. 
Moreover, he is passionate about helping YOU to succeed. He has had a lifelong passion for teaching.
Kurt has 300+ private mentoring hours billed, a 5/5 rating on Wyzant, 2 years of teaching experience at Miami University, a certificate in College Teaching, 5 years experience mentoring students and research assistance. 
Professionally he has developed chatbot technology using NLP and supervised machine learning algorithms at Macy's. Currently he works as Data Scientist at Worldpay. 

how to get started? 

reach out to us to discuss how you can get  started with accelerate.

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